Cardano has reached Shelley era

Cardano has entered the Shelley era, meaning that it moves step by step from the federated state to truly decentralisation. Everyone now is invited to run its own stakepool in the Cardano blockchain. For more information about delegation and stakepools click here.

Ada holders who are not willing to run their own stakepool can delegate their ada to a stakepool run by another stakeholder. These so-called delegators receive rewards in form of ada according to the pool’s transparently defined rules written in the pool registration certificate. Accounting and execution of the reward payments are guaranteed as it is part of Cardano’s decentralised blockchain protocol!

Pool Information

ADD stakepool runs its pool with relay nodes and a core node. The topology is constantly monitored and adapted to the state of cardano P2P network. Our servers are setup to run 24/7 all year long. Our servers are placed in Germany, probably extending to other countries in the future.

  • Ticker symbol "ADD"
  • State of the art DevOps
  • Firewall
  • Monitoring of all vital parameters
  • Most recent cardano-node releases
  • Adaptive topology with clio API


ADD stakepool offers the presence of a stakepool in the Cardano Blockchain to which you can delegate your adas. By delegating ada to our pool, you increase the chance for ADD stakepool to be elected to produce blocks. Successful block proposals of a stakepool are granted with a reward which is distributed among the delegators (including the pool owners) according to the amount of their delegated stake. Only the fixed fee is subtracted from the total pool reward to cover the cost of the pool operator, as well as the margin go directly to the pool operator.

There are no risks associated with delegating ada to a stakepool, since adas do not leave the stakeholder’s wallet and are not transferred to the stakepool. Only a certificate is necessary to assign the stakepool of choice.

How to delegate:

  1. Choose the ticker symbol "ADD" in your Cardano wallet of choice (Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite).
  2. Verify ticker with the pool ID ed6a2fb43057bac61d5beef6afca31d8c760344b896641a2746dad19

Questions? Reach us on Discord.

Happy staking!!!